Core Business Services


  • Business feasibility studies

  • Business plan preparation

  • Mission statements

  • Industry profiles

  • IT investment business case analysis

  • Capacity building and training

  • CRM management solutions


  • Socio-economic impact analysis

  • Case studies

  • Strategic communications

  • Workshop facilitation

  • Key performance indicator development

  • New technology impact assessment

  • Regional and national development strategies

Web & IT

  • Website development
  • Website management
  • On-site and remote desktop support
  • Search engine optimization

  • Social media management
  • Software analysis and installation
  • E-commerce solutions

Research and Writing

Our team of consultants have a proven track record of excellence in research and reporting with deep public and private sector experience, we are committed to addressing your research and writing needs as they relate to a variety of contexts. Whether you’re looking to conduct social, historical or heritage research; the Apoqon team will work diligently to deliver a body of research that is both factual and relevant to the story you’re telling. Our team has access to libraries of academic research materials to ensure you get the best possible information in a product that is easy to understand and navigate thanks to our exceptional writing services.

Strategic Planning

Apoqon’s mission is to assist our clients in realizing their goals. From start-ups to business transformation, our team works closely with clients to determine the steps needed to enhance or grow their businesses, or simply start one with a fresh business plan. Apoqon also facilitates stakeholder and requirements gathering sessions in order to develop clear and concise plans and strategies to drive our clients forward.

Our approach

Web & IT Services

The core tenet of our business is to enhance yours. We work closely with our clients to determine IT solutions that are uniquely suited to their needs, without any added complications. Our team is experienced in deploying internal IT solutions such as cloud storage, email and CRM tools. We offer a competitive edge in our practical application of IT knowledge and solutions that are designed to relieve the stress of overly complex IT infrastructures by creating connectivity and synergy between applications and devices.

In addition to providing IT solutions, Apoqon boasts over 20 years of experience in web development across a variety of platforms. Our team of web developers are well-versed in advanced Content Management Systems such as Drupal and WordPress as well as BootStrap and coding a fresh website from scratch. We are proud to provide web experiences to clients seeking to enhance their online presence through search engine optimization and dynamic content creation.

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