To date, existing consulting services have failed to provide adequate attention and sensitivity to the needs and expectations of Indigenous clients. This fragmented and uneven approach forces clients to accept services that do not properly reflect their needs and desires, and ultimately mutes the voice of Indigenous peoples – especially in the spheres of business and politics.

Now more than ever, Indigenous clients need a consulting service that truly understands their unique needs, and they deserve culturally appropriate expertise that will help them realize their distinct vision and achieve success on their own terms.

Apoqon was founded in order to address the gaps that exist within contemporary Western consultancy approaches, and infuse Indigenous knowledge, methodology, and values within spaces where such practices are sorely lacking.

Our logo’s design is based upon the fiddlehead (or “Ma’susi’l” in Mi’qmaq), a traditional food of the Maliseet, Mi'kmaq and Passamaquoddy First Nations peoples which was also used for healing purposes. The name of our business, Apoqon, is derived from the Mi’gmaq word “Apoqonmuati” which means to “provide assistance.”

Ultimately, it is our goal to augment, as well as highlight the advantages of an Indigenous approach in the areas of business, strategy, culture, technology, and government. We plan to achieve this by amplifying the voices of Indigenous groups and organizations in the Canadian economy through our business support services and advance knowledge with original research on Indigenous socioeconomics, governance, and other pertinent issues.

Emerging technologies and approaches to Indigenous consulting signal a moment of extraordinary opportunity for Indigenous voices to become even more significant and influential.

Who we are


At Apoqon, we do consulting differently. Instead of offering clients formulaic solutions that do not address their unique needs, our team carefully considers the diverse perspectives that every one of our clientele brings to the table before developing solutions that are comprehensive, culturally-appropriate, and cost-effective.

As Indigenous businesses and organizations continue to rapidly grow and command market share, there has never been a greater need for consulting that truly understands the distinct culture and viewpoints of Indigenous peoples. That’s where Apoqon comes in. As an Indigenous consulting firm, we are founded upon strong Indigenous principles, and we also bring with us an extensive and diverse range of interdisciplinary experience when working with each and every client. From research and writing, to policy development, governance advice, and strategic planning, Apoqon is there to create innovative Indigenous solutions for any challenge that comes along.

What we do

Our Values

As a business whose approach and practises are uniquely Indigenous, we are strongly informed by a desire to help Indigenous peoples overcome systemic barriers and achieve empowerment and success. Whether that is producing reports that shine a spotlight on Indigenous knowledge systems, or developing workshops to decolonize community conflicts, Apoqon believes that as a business, we have an obligation to help create more culturally-inclusive systems and build healthier communities. Because our vision of a successful business is grounded in helping the collective, we are proud to support other Indigenous businesses and initiatives that share our vision of success.

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